Don’t Miss the Fall Foliage in Beavers Bend


Summer may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in Beavers Bend, Oklahoma. Quite the opposite, really!

Sundown Cabin Lodging, the top destination for luxury cabins in Broken Bow, definitely recommends paying a visit to the area at this time of year, when the lush green foliage starts to change colors, creating spectacular sightseeing opportunities.

If you’re a photographer, the rolling hills and landscape surrounding Sundown Cabin Lodging’s convenient location in Broken Bow make for amazing pictures. The fall foliage in Beavers Bend is literally world-famous, with people coming from across the globe to view it.

Beavers Bend and Hotchatown state parks offer plenty of activities for outdoor sports enthusiasts. With the changing foliage, taking a hike while surrounded by the vibrant yellows and reds of the forest makes for a breathtaking experience. With the area’s wide variety of trees—hickory, ash, red maple, sweetgum—the fall foliage in these state parks creates a unique opportunity for nature lovers.

Or simply enjoy a leisurely drive along Highway 259, stopping to take in the spectacular scenery. As an added bonus, the convenient central location makes it easy to take a day trip from the surrounding states; for example, it’s just a three-hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

But if you just want to relax and enjoy the scenery, rent one of Sundown Cabin Lodging’s luxury cabins. They offer accommodations for up to eight people, making it the ideal destination for a weekend away with the family or a romantic getaway. Each cabin comes with a fully equipped kitchen, and with Thanksgiving fast approaching, this offers a unique opportunity for entertaining friends and family. Why not book one of Sundown Cabin Lodging’s luxury cabins for a Thanksgiving to remember?

The scenery surrounding Sundown Cabin Lodging is stunning year-round; but when the weather turns cooler and the leaves start to turn color, it become even more breathtaking. It’s no wonder the area is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Should you decide to visit Beavers Bend during the fall, why not check out the Beavers Bend Folk Festival & Craft Show? The annual event runs from November 8 to 10 and features turn-of-the-century crafts and demonstrations, live music, a petting zoo, and other demonstrations, such as how to make lye soap, knives, and much more. There’s also a smorgasbord of food for visitors as well.

With all these amazing opportunities for sightseeing, it’s little wonder why Beavers Bend is a top destination during the fall. So book your stay at Sundown Cabin Lodging’s convenient location in Broken Bow today and experience autumn in Beavers Bend!